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You may recall a few months back we told you of some changes happening within Lettings at Godiva Estates. The ball really is rolling now and changes are being implemented, starting with our Focus! Focusing on you, the landlord and how we can help you and your property portfolio. Our Focus is targeted to some very specific areas involved in property management, identified here….


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Concerns, Questions and Solutions for Landlords

With such a busy run up to the Bank Holiday weekend and the glorious weather we have been having, and personally enjoying, I have somewhat struggled to pen my latest blog. Earlier on today I received a call from John who wanted to discuss his property. After a quick chat…

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Update. Landlords…. Is this the end of an era? Or is it just the Beginning of a new Era?

If you remember a couple of weeks back I wrote about my experience with friends who own properties, some of whom self manage their portfolio. The response I experienced was well received and as promised an update. In the last blog I asked my friends to answer the following. Why…

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