The Move To Earlsdon

So almost a year since we have moved from our City Centre office to Earlsdon Street already! So how has it been? Well nothing short of remarkable really, remarkable people, local residents, local businesses and a great looking office! People did say when we were in the moving process that Earlsdon does have a village kind of feel to it and they were right. Everyone is so friendly, down to folks just popping in, because they want to say “Hi”.

You may think, “Its all good people popping in to say Hi, but what about Business?”

Crikey, its never been better, a new fresh look in the office and renewed enthusiasm has resulted in so many fundamental changes in they way everything else looks and feels. New Landlord instructions have multiplied more over this 10 month period than previous years alone. Great news for those Landlords who have placed their property in safe hands.

Our marketing strategy has improved in keeping with the advances and power of social media. A complete systemisation change in processes. Lets not brush over our great Caricature images! Come on, don’t tell me you haven’t seen them on the board on the High Street…. If you haven’t then have a look at

You may have seen those if you were in attendance at the Beer Festival, proudly sponsoring 3 kegs on display. What a great experience if you have never been, I recommend popping to your local one when it comes around on the calendar.

Well, here is to the future, looking bright and packed full of new and exciting ventures.

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