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  • 14A Earlsdon Street
  • Coventry
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Client Testimonials

  • Thank You

    Dear Richard and David   I just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your help and fantastic customer service.  My daughter has rented a house through yourselves, along...

  • If only Every thing else was as efficient….

    What can i say, thank you so much Godiva, especially David who was extremely informative in everything we asked. Very happy that we now have a safe and secure home...

  • Recommended

    I was introduced to Godiva Estates by an acquaintance who said at the time you will not meet a nicer couple of guys, very helpful, knowledgeable, always prepared to offer...

  • Thank You

    To Richard & Dave Just to say thank you for all your work over the past 2 years. It has been a pleasure and hopefully we will work together again.

  • This Company Gets Results

    Godiva Estates are by far the best letting agents in Coventry that I have dealt with, this company gets results and nothing is too much trouble for them. They are...

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