Tax Changes 2017 Landlords and Property Lettings

Such a hot topic at the moment and a question on pretty much every landlords lips is, “How is going to affect me?” David here at Godiva has managed to arrange a video question and answer session with a local well respected Accountants firms Tax Advisor. Looking to cover some of the most asked questions we have seen within the media and from our Landlords. During this session we aim to get the low down on what is changing and for whom this will affect.

If you have any pressing questions in specific areas you would like asking then please do so by clicking here and submitting your question titled “2017 Tax Changes”

If you’re a landlord looking for a little help with any of the changes happening or even looking to enlist the expertise of an industry leading lettings specialist then feel free to get in touch. Coventry 02476 222441 @GodivaEstates
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