Stay Warm and Stay Safe, Including your Vehicles

What a cold morning it was, and with a lovely blanket of snow covering the ground. Cars covered in snow and ice, and lets face it, some of us are guilty of pouring the kettle over the screen or leaving the car running to defrost! West Midlands Police is urging drivers not to leave cars defrosting with the engine running after more than £200,000 worth of vehicles were stolen across the West Midlands in one morning! The police are warning car owners that it only takes a few seconds for their vehicle to be taken from a driveway or outside their homes. Folks are now being put on their guard against leaving keys in the ignition. Use a de-icer or remain with your vehicle whilst it defrosts.

Remember the weather can turn very quick and very severe with little or no warning, so keep yourself safe and prepare, ensure you have warm clothing when you leave the house, a drink, a supply of snacks and ensure your car is ready for the weather.

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