Right To Rent Checks….. Are you Compliant? Serious penalties in place….

Right to rent checks we all know came in to place a while back with lots of criticism on Landlords and Letting Agents becoming part of UK border force in tackling individuals who enter the country illegally. Up until the end of 2016 the dust had settled and the right to rent checks became part of the daily routine and resulting in the average start of a tenancy being slightly delayed to comply. However, there are still Landlords and maybe Agents too out there that are neglecting to conduct the checks correctly or even at all.

So what has changed since December 2016? To start, criminalisation of Landlords who fail to conduct the right to rent check leading to possible imprisonment. Sounds harsh doesn’t it? So what do we need to do to avoid falling foul of the law?

As a refresher remember 3 things, Consistency, Compliance and Paper trail. By now the right to rent checks should be second nature as part of the initial process starting with the Vetting of the potential tenant, but don’t just take their word for it! You must see and copy Passports/Residency permits or Birth Certificates and familiarise yourself with what the most common passport types should look and feel like. Be consistent, its against the law to not check EVERY tenant, even if you think or know they are British. Keep compliant and make genuine colour copies in the presence of the individuals. (At this point it is worth remembering Data Protection Act when making copies). Store the copies in a secure safe location, digitally is safer if that’s a possibility and make sure there is a paper or data trail proving when and how the checks were made.

Whilst this is merely a brief reminder and over view of the liabilities placed upon Landlords and Agents, for a full guide on how to conduct Right to Rent checks please visit


With many more changes to happen over the next couple of years now is the time to make sure your ready and compliant in this ever changing industry. If you’re a landlord looking for a little help with any of the changes happening or even looking to enlist the expertise of an industry leading lettings specialist then feel free to get in touch. Coventry 02476 222441 info@godivaestates.co.uk @GodivaEstates www.godivaestates.co.uk.
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