Importance of Mid Term or Interim inspections, do you overlook yours?

Just because the tenancy agreement has been signed, tenants moved in and all seems well, it shouldn’t end there. How many of you are guilty of doing this, and never seeing your property again until the tenant decides to leave, or you suddenly realise they have disappeared?

Regular mid term inspections, sometimes known as interim inspoections are the best way to ensure your property continues to earn. Identify small maintenance issues that can be nipped in the bud for a small outlay mostly instead of growing into a maintenance nightmare. Also has the benefit of letting your tenant know you care about the state of your property, which in turn can resonate into the tenant less likely to treat your property any other way.

Don’t put it off. Book an appointment with your tenant.


If you’re a landlord looking for a little help with any of the changes happening or even looking to enlist the expertise of an industry leading lettings specialist then feel free to get in touch. Coventry 02476 222441 @GodivaEstates

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