Can I leave or change my letting agent? Easy? Landlords read on….

Whilst most landlords have never thought about leaving their current management letting agent there can be however times of need where a decision has been made to go it alone, or transferring ownership to a family member etc. A landlord may unfortunately be unhappy with the current arrangement or has found a better deal that works for them financially elsewhere. Most Letting agents will welcome any contact from their landlord should an issue arise and ensure a smooth transition but for Landlords that are a little cautious then read on and hopefully I can put your minds at ease.

In the first instance I would have a read through your contract or terms of business that you have with your current agent. Ensure you carefully read the part that indicates terminating the contract. Most fair terms would indicate a standard 1 to 2 months notice period to leave or transfer. An addition to the notice period, especially where the Agent has found the tenant as part of the service there may be a compensation payment to the Agent, which would normally stand if you have been with them a relatively short period of time. You may assume however that if you have been a long standing landlord of the particular agent that the notice period would be suffice, in this instance I would consult with your current agent and work something out. An alternative to having this occur would be prior planning, if your property is empty then a notice period will be sufficient enough, so request that the agent issue a Section 21 with intent of the tenant vacating the property.

At some point during the transition period you would request full details of your Tenant including the signed tenancy agreement. In addition you should request the signed inventory and deposit registration details. This is a requirement of the Agent to comply with this request.

Once you have the information or are confident acquiring the information wont be an issue and you are looking to change agent as opposed to taking control yourself or selling the property then now would be the right time to approach your selected new letting agency who would be more than happy to guide you through the process.

With so many changes occurring over the next 18 months maybe now is the right time to assess how to get the most from your investment. At Godiva Estates our fully managed service means just that, we will take care of all the ups and downs on your behalf as part of that service with NO hidden extras or charges to pay on top of your contractual arrangement. Get in touch today by calling 02476 222441 or visiting our website at


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