“HOT OFF THE PRESS” Price Announcement for Coventry Landlords Mandatory HMO Licencing

Taken straight from the Coventry City Council Email. Make sure you get your applications in as soon as possible. You will not only benefit from the existing price structure but you will also be safe in the knowledge you are compliant before the October 1st Deadline.

Dear Coventry Landlords

There are forthcoming changes to HMO licensing which of which you should be aware: our licensing fees are changing, and the criteria for determining which properties require a licence are also set to change.

Changes to Licensing Fees

The fee to apply for a mandatory licence is set to rise on 1 April 2018.

Currently, the fee for a mandatory licence in Coventry is £804.97 for seven or fewer lets, with a £10.89 surcharge for each let above seven.  From April, this fee will rise to £829.12 for seven or fewer lets, with a surcharge of £11.22 for each let above seven. This change is in line with inflation – we do not make any profit from licensing fees.

Because we do not take payment on licence applications until the application has been raised on our system, we will honour the existing prices for any complete application received before 1 April 2018 if we have to take payment after that date.

For more information on how to apply for a licence, please visit www.coventry.gov.uk/hmo or e-mail hmo@coventry.gov.uk.

Changes to Licensability Criteria

Currently, HMOs require a licence only if they comprise three or more storeys and five or more persons.  The Government has announced that it is removing the “three or more storeys” criterion, and that as of October 2018 all HMOs with five or more persons will require a licence, regardless of how many storeys they comprise.  Complete applications for any such properties will need to be received by us by 1 October 2018.

The relevant legislation can be viewed at http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2018/221/made.  We will be updating our own website with more detailed information in early April.

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