Coventry Selective Licensing Scheme 2016 Consultation

We may all have heard in the past about “Selective Licensing” and we all may have our own opinions on how and why it will or won’t work. Having been run successfully in various parts of the country for the past few years what have we learnt about it as a whole?
Since 2010, local councils in England and Wales have been able to introduce landlord licensing schemes, this is separate to HMO licensing as one landlord has asked previous indicating there is confusion over the subject. HMO Licensing will be covered in the next few days on the Coventry Property Focus Blog.

Coventry City Council say “St Michael’s Ward has a very high proportion of privately rented houses – 44%, compared with the national average of 21%. It is the 4th most deprived ward in the City and amongst the top 7% most deprived areas within the country. Residents have raised concerns regarding the standard of management and conditions of some private rented accommodation; it has high levels of poor housing. By requiring rented houses to be licensed, we can make sure landlords understand their duties and responsibilities under the law – and if landlords choose not to meet their responsibilities, we will have legal powers to bring them to compliance. Selective Licensing won’t just benefit landlords and tenants. Improving the standard of rented homes in the area will also help us tackle problems such as:

Antisocial behaviour
Empty homes
Planning use contraventions

This will improve the image of the area, and make it safer for everyone who lives and works there”.

All landlords who have properties within a designated area will have to apply for a license PER property. For some landlords this can run into a substantial amount depending on which pricing structure the individual council will operate.
All proposal schemes have to go through a consultation period, resulting in tenants, landlords and others involved in the private rental sector giving an opportunity for all those to be affected to have their say and concerns aired and addressed.
Coventry City Council have announced as of last Friday they will start the consultation process to cover St Michaels Ward minus the inner ring road. This consultation period will run from Monday 22 August 2016 and close on Sunday 6 November 2016. Initially they have indicated a cost PER property within the designated area will be £773 for those who are not familiar with what areas this cover then the following map will help.

Selective Licensing

For a full list of roads included if you cannot view the image then please click here.
This covers quite a large proportion of Coventry’s most densely populated rental areas and will affect a substantial amount of landlords. It is important to remember the consultation period is your chance to gather as much information as possible. You can also click here where you can have your say whether you are a business owner or a landlord Coventry City Council are running a number of dates covering various subjects. A list of those dates can be found here. Clicking the link will take you the Council website and from there you can view more information on what this covers.
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