Coventry HMO Licensing Fee Rises April 2017

As always, The Coventry Property Focus Blog keeping you updated with the latest changes and news, this time round it’s the HMO Licensing fee. Rising as of the 1st April 2017 to £804.97 to cover up to seven units/lets from £776.25. This increase is in line with inflation. For those properties that have more than 7 units/lets there is a surcharge of £10.89 per let. This is only an increase of 39p over the previous fee.

Whilst increases are never welcomed, nevertheless it is in line with inflation, and Coventry City Council reiterate that they cannot and will not be able to make profits on any form of Licensing Fee, including the still yet to be confirmed Selective Licensing Scheme we covered a couple of months back.

If you’re a landlord looking for a little help with any of the changes happening or even looking to enlist the expertise of an industry leading lettings specialist then feel free to get in touch. Coventry 02476 222441 @GodivaEstates
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