Court Fees Increased For Possession Claims 21st March 2016

Godiva Estates pride themselves on never requiring to be subject to a court proceeding on any of the managed properties, however, things can go wrong occasionally and here is a guide on the changes happening.

As of 21 March 2016 the court fees for possession claims have increased by £75.00 as follows:

  • Accelerated possession claim (section 21 only) from £280.00 to £355.00.
  • Standard possession claim (commonly used for section 8 claims) from £280.00 to £355.00.
  • Possession claim online (PCOL) (section 8 rent arrears only) from £250.00 to £325.00.

The fee to issue a Warrant of Possession (Recovery of a Property or Land) remains the same as before at £110.00.

Our court form guidance pages have been updated accordingly but any sample forms we provide have not so you will need to change the amount when you actually complete a form.

There have been other court fee increases which are beyond the scope of this article.

The full list of court fees can be found here.

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