Christmas Greetings and other news!

What a miserable morning was my first thought when I looked out of the window. Cold, wet and windy start, not even my first coffee perked me up. What did perk me up was sitting at my desk at work and lovely Mr Postman giving me a small parcel. Not expecting anything particular and a sticker on the box stating “Contains delicious freshly baked product” I was surprised to be greeted with a box of Mince pies from @Bettys1919 in Harrogate. There was no note or delivery invoice or anything so we had no clue why or from whom it was sent by. Feeling this is going to be a better day filled with 12 lovely mince pies I wanted to find out who they were from, initially thinking it must be a Landlord, hmm hmmm.

So, I called @Bettys1919 customer service who said there should have been a greetings card inside, saying Merry Xmas from Touchright @TR_Software….. So, thank you very much @TR_Software, what a very nice and welcomed gesture, and a wow to Bettys, probably the best mince pies I have ever tasted!

And in other news…… Its nearly Xmas. Enjoy your festive time with friends and family and for anything property related we are always here to offer a helping hand.


If you’re a landlord looking for a little help with any of the changes happening or even looking to enlist the expertise of an industry leading lettings specialist then feel free to get in touch. Coventry 02476 222441 @GodivaEstates

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