Buy to let slump fears Forecasted?, but we have found…..

After a very busy festive period juggling which family member to see first and having my fair share of Xmas Pudding we thought we would be in for a normal run of the mill January. Generally pretty quiet with only a couple of minor maintenance issues to arrange. Usually January is where we would get together as a team and thrash out some fresh new ideas on how we can ensure our service remains the very best.

This year so far has been mostly made up of visits from Investors. Yes investors, the very people who the experts said would be running for the hills with all the landlord tax changes. But no, since re opening on the 4th we have had 6 folks come and see us looking to purchase between one new property and a couple looking for a portfolio to purchase. So it seems the future is still bright, so back to the drawing board……

If you need any help or advice on how to invest in 20176 then please get in touch with us today.

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