2016 Student Properties, The Importance of Checks

So the last Student move in of September has just walked out of our doors here in Earlsdon, bags in hand, ready to settle down for the next year. And finally I can drink my first real hot cup of Coffee in I have to be honest the last 2 weeks. This year has been manic, 100 MPH, non-stop stream of calls and walk ins. What has surprised us here in the office the most is how many students and their parents calling and turning up in a desperate state where for a multitude of reasons the homes they thought had been secured back as early as April is no longer available, leaving them with nowhere to go, loss of money, in some cases this was in the thousands paid upfront.

Whilst having what could be described as “desperate tenants, will move anywhere” would be ideal, let’s face it, we all have that one property or two that no one will take because of the area or distance from the Uni they are attending and they would be the ideal candidates to make the landlords happy. Reality is though, you also don’t want to fall into the same category that they have just put their former agent/landlord in! Having a strict criteria and process with referencing and guarantors to stick to again the reality is they aren’t going to get somewhere to stay anytime soon. It seems that the expectation of some students and parents is that you can turn up desperate and move in straight away without any referencing (ok, students is a simple credit check) for the Guarantor, affordability checks, let alone the Right to Rent checks added in to the mix. They say “but the other agent/landlord didn’t need any of this”, precisely why you are probably in this situation right now.

Never underestimate the importance or doing your own back ground checks with the Agent or Landlord who wants to take your hard earned money. Check they are ARLA or NALS registered, SafeAgent and members of The Property Ombudsman for starters. Be alarmed if you are asked to simply pay your money, jot some details on an email and wait for moving day. A registered and trusted Agent or Landlord with give a much more personal experience, even if they want to know what you had last week for tea!

Remember, Godiva Estates will be here to help should things go wrong, and with us, we have never turned away one of our own tenants, we deliver what we promise and what we promise is a hassle free, safe and secure process of finding your Home whether its for the whole course or just a year.

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