17 Things to See and Do in Coventry

Such an amazing city, sometimes as a Coventry through and through resident I take it for granted. Forgetting the history behind Coventry. So here are 17 things to see and do in Coventry!

  1. Medieval Spon Street, amazing original timber framed buildings in a collection of relocated medieval structures. Offering some of the greatest Bars and Niche shops in the City.
  2. Coventry Cathedral, so much history, a must see location in Coventry.
  3. Coventry Cathedral Ruins, the remains of the previous cathedral destroyed during the second world war.
  4. Coventry Transport Museum, I can remember as far back as when I was 5 years old visiting at the older location. Mesmerised by the Vehicles and History on show.
  5. Midland Air Museum, located on the outskirts of Coventry close to Coventry Airport, offering close up experiences of Aircraft spanning many years, great restaurant on site too!
  6. War Memorial Park, acres of greenery with pockets of history dotted around the designated pathways. Frequented by dog walkers, skaters, cyclist, and recreational walkers. A perfectly maintained pitch and putt in the middle too.
  7. Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve, with an unspoilt feel about this area close to Coventry, a great place to have a walk or run-around. Marvellous views.
  8. Belgrade theatre, Oh no he didn’t! Hosting more modern features now since its refurbishment in 2007 a great Theatre with amazing shows.
  9. Coombe Abbey Country Park, as far back as I remember loving every moment spent here. Great park and Play areas, the visitor centre has so much information on its history. Not forgetting the Hotel!, a must visit even if you just pop in for a cuppa.
  10. Coventry Watch Museum, housed on Spon Street mentioned above, very interesting and intriguing on the world of watches.
  11. Lunt Roman Fort, great fun for the children, who doesn’t want to be a roman for the day. Great events on throughout the year. An amazing history lesson.
  12. The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, what more can be said? Must visit, completely free!
  13. Statue of Liberty Lady Godiva, located outside Cathedral Lanes Shopping centre, also located in front of Coventry’s famous clock chiming on the hour showing Peeping Tom and lady Godiva.
  14. Coventry Canal Art Trail, great walk with sights to behold showing sculptures along the 5.5 mile stretch of Coventry Canal.
  15. Whittle Arch, located on Millennium Place outside the Transport Museum, celebrating Sir Frank Whittle, father of the jet Engine.
  16. Sutton Stop/Hawkesbury Junction, located where the Oxford Canal meets Coventry Canal, hosting Famous pubs and very active locks. Great cycling route on the north edge of Coventry.
  17. Whitefriars Monastery, where Queen Elizabeth I addressed the folks of Coventry.

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